Tuesday, 1 January 2013

I started this blog not for people to read or because im bored, but so if im ever upset or annoyed or angry i can write it down and relieve some of those emotions.

I like to think im a nice person, hell everyone says im the sweetest girl they know. But thats just it, people see me as sweet and innocent and nice. And that makes me easy to take advantage of.
One of my best friends does it alot. I dont think she means to but she's loud and likes attention, no loves attention. I guess that means when im with her she can make me look a bit stupid. I know she doesnt do it on purpose its just i her nature. Im kinda used to it now but sometimes its a little annoying.

And then theres guys, im not the prettiest girl out there and im pretty shy so i dont really get a lot of male attention, and if i do its always as a "aww your so sweet" or its some dumbas guy who takes advantage of me. 

Which leads me to the reaason im writing this, i realised in 2012 a lot of things 1 was to not read into things as much 2 is a guy willl come at some point theres no rush im still young and 3 is to keep things private. Because people take advantage of you when they no things.